'It's inspiring to play Rafael Nadal', says ATP star

‘It’s inspiring to play Rafael Nadal’, says ATP star

Stefanos Tsitsipas was asked about Rafael Nadal’s victory at the French Open while his foot was completely anesthetized for two weeks, and he took the opportunity to recount the moment he used an anesthetic injection.

Nadal was severely affected by pain just before the start of the French Open and the use of anti-inflammatories and painkillers was the solution he resorted to. After winning the record 14th French Open, Nadal said his foot was “asleep” for two weeks.

“I also have a little story where I thought I couldn’t play a match because I was in a lot of pain. But not to the point that is the case with Rafa, of course. I had a similar situation once in the ATP Finals. I think it was my second group stage match and I had extreme pain in my leg.

So they gave me an injection and I played one of the best matches of my life,” Tsitsipas told Tennisnet. “They blocked the sensory nerves at a distance,” Nadal explained. “If the motor nerves are numb, you can’t move your foot.

It’s not an exact science either, because there are days when the numbness is a little less. For example, yesterday, in the final, my toes went numb and I felt worse, but you have to control your ankle. I kept controlling it long enough to be able to compete.

You have control of the foot, but there is no sensation. There may be a little more risk of twisting your ankle. As I am playing, with my foot numb, it doesn’t matter that there is less sensitivity because I go from limping to not having pain.

He can’t continue, but I was able to win the tournament because I could move and run. It was not like that in Madrid or Rome.”

Rafa Nadal won the French Open for the 14th time

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal won his 22nd Grand Slam title at Roland Garros this year.

“He has the mental intimidation on most of the tour. It’s just his talent level is incredible, his resilience is incredible, his vision for the games and what he brings to the table and how he can implement it on everybody is just best of the best ,” Kudla said.

Denis Kudla also praised the level of consistency that Rafael Nadal has managed to show throughout his illustrious career. “So, it’s inspiring to watch it first hand, it’s inspiring to play him and kind of see what he does and kind of compare it to playing Novak, playing Roger, playing Andy, it’s just amazing what he can do at such a high level and on any given day, so consistent, it feels superhuman,” Kudla said.

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